5 Reasons why Round Face is Better + Styling Tips

When I was thinking about the name of my blog, I looked at several famous bloggers’ site names. They all had something obvious that separate themselves from others. What differentiates me appearance wise besides that I am an Asian – my ROUND FACE. I’ve had baby fat on my face since I was young, and I thought they would go away when I turned into a teen, but it didn’t. Sometimes my round face bothers me when I look too young than my real age to other people, or when I wanted to wear a turtle neck sweater but looked like a lollipop; but as I am growing up, I learned to appreciate my round face and the good things it brings to me. I saw these pics on Webo, and I just wanted to share with other lovelies who have round faces like me:

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How to Wear Over the Knee Boots with Jeans

It has been a LONG time since I updated the blog, Boston’s winter finally passed, and I am so excited to go out and do more photoshoots for the blog. Definitely stay tuned and wait for more fresh spring wears!

Over the knee boots are good for spring and autumn, with a simple sweater or hoodie, you will be looking the best on the streets 😆 I was wearing jeans in these pictures because it was still cold at the time when we shot this.

When you are pairing jeans with over the knee boots, make sure the colors match. Either the jeans and the boots should be the same color or the top and the boots are the same color like mine. I regret buying a grey one, should have bought a black one. I wrote an article (👈click) in the old blog before introducing more ways how to style them.


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The Perks of Shearling Jacket

The perks of shearling jacket are WARM and STYLISH 💃🏻 so simple yet is everything I’ve ever wanted in the winter living in a cold place like Boston. Though honestly, it was still cold wearing this in the park for photo shoot, it’s worth it as long as we got good pictures! photo taken by Ernest

A good tip for styling shearing jacket is to wear something tight for the bottom (e.g. skinny jeans) to avoid looking like a bear. The shearling jacket itself are already very heavy and big, thus for your legs, wearing something like jeans will balance the heaviness off. Always remember if you are wearing a big “top”, pair something “small” at the bottom, just like the balance of Yin and Yang, lol

Omggg, totally forgot to mention about my hat until I posted my look on LookBook. Yes, you didn’t see wrong, these are real on the hat, Urban Outfitters always have the coolest accessories, the next one I can’t wait to get is this one with Girl Power on it.
If you don’t usually wear a hat and you are just considering getting one, black is always the first one to go. Paring hats with different styles of clothing is so much fun, and it always adds a sense of coolness to your outfit🤠
Stylenanda Shearling Jacket; H&M Jeans; American Apparel off-shoulder Top; Zara Boots

Now tips for buying a shearling jacket: I got this one with an affordable price thus I can’t argue about the average quality. The material of the jacket was super hard and it would hurt my shoulders if I worn it for too long😵 but since I’ve had this for a year now, it seems that it had stretched and doesn’t hurt anymore but still a bit hard to move around because of its hard constructions. If you want to look for better quality ones, Acne Studios is always famous for their shearling jackets. Otherwise, Asos would have some pretty good deals too:

Acne Studios $3000
Acne Studios $2800
ASOS $189


ASOS $76