5 Reasons why Round Face is Better + Styling Tips

When I was thinking about the name of my blog, I looked at several famous bloggers’ site names. They all had something obvious that separate themselves from others. What differentiates me appearance wise besides that I am an Asian – my ROUND FACE. I’ve had baby fat on my face since I was young, and I thought they would go away when I turned into a teen, but it didn’t. Sometimes my round face bothers me when I look too young than my real age to other people, or when I wanted to wear a turtle neck sweater but looked like a lollipop; but as I am growing up, I learned to appreciate my round face and the good things it brings to me. I saw these pics on Webo, and I just wanted to share with other lovelies who have round faces like me:

WHY ROUND FACES ARE BETTER (no offense to other types of faces)

1. “longer faces make your jaw look too sharp”


2. “round faces look cuter”


3. “main characters are always round faces”


4. “round faces make people want to protect them”


5. “can’t be emojis if you are not round faces!!!”



the only thing for us to remember is always show some skin, so for fall, pick either V-neck or Crewneck sweaters; accessories wise, hats, long necklaces and statement earrings all look pretty good on round faces.



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