All about the C

For this look, I was going for the CHANEL vibe. People at our age might not be able to afford everything from Chanel, but we can learn from the brand and put together outfits that goes with the brand’s vibe: classic, elegant and effortless (in my own opinion), which is actually a lot of French brands’ tone.

For an effortless look, the trending Vintage cut jeans and Victorian blouse are a perfect combination. I got the blouse in &other stories, but there are a lot similar ones in Zara or H&M. I got the jeans in H&M. I know you probably have read about DIY your own jeans like that. DO NOT DO IT, I’ve tried myself and it came out very bad… maybe I’ve chose the wrong kind of jeans to cut out, but the shape and details of the jeans are very important for the look. Below is a little video clip we shot during the shoot👇
(apologize for my swollen chubby face and weird music pace💦)
anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and

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