Searching for the Perfect White Sneaker

💝A perfect shopping guide for all the best white sneakers you can think of💝

Why I Started Searching

Long story short, I lost my sneaker last summer and it was not just sad it was also so inconvenient, I don’t have one to-go shoes that I can always wear without thinking anymore. (See some of the outfits here)So when I came back to Boston this semester, I’ve decided to find ANOTHER perfect white sneaker (that’s not Adidas because way too many people wear them now)

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker $75

#1. Nike Air Force

I’ve always wanted to try the Nike Air Force 107, it’s just one of the classic ones and just with leggings and hoodies, you are the coolest girl around. I tried them in store, unfortunately it doesn’t suit me. It looks so big for my height and the style doesn’t really go with my other outfits.

Result: #1 😔

Air Force 1 07 $90

#2.  Nike Cortez

Another trending sneaker right after Adidas, Vogue predicted it was going to be the next it sneaker, and they were right! It looks great on other people’s feet, for me though, it looks too sporty on me.
Result #2 😅

pic from blog
Nike Cortez Basic Leather $70

#3. Converse

I bumped into these Converse when I was on Nike website, can you believe these are Converse? They sell sneakers now that’s not converse?! These came with navy and red colors, they look pretty fine but still looks like Adidas tennis sneakers, I would use it as a back up.
Result #3 😐


Converse Pro Leather Low Top $80

#4. Reebok

Then I saw those images on Pinterest and I LOVE them so much! The shoes in the picture are Rebook Classic Leather Sneaker($74.99) and Vens Canvas Old School ($55). For these of you who love their outfits as much as I do, this was a campaign did by Urban Outfitter last summer and everything is sold out on Urban, but the sneakers you can find them on their official websites.

Origin from Whatshesaid

So! I bought the Reebok one, and as it was styled in the picture, it looks great with jeans, especially mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. Though I don’t know why, thanks for Urban’s stylist. BUT still… the more I tried on with my other clothes, the more it doesn’t look like MY shoe, u know that feeling?!
Result #4 😢

#5. Fei Yue

This is an interesting brand, it was originally a Chinese brand as you can tell form the name, it means “flying over”. Yup, a pretty cool name, that’s why the french company didn’t change it when they bought this brand from China.
Their most popular one is the Lo Classic ($65) as it’s shown in picture on the left, for girls who desire longer legs, I would recommend this Lo Platform ($70) one, it’s the same design but just with a platform.


picture from Fei Yue

I love the chic french style on these pictures, but as I looked up more street photos for this shoe, I don’t think it would look good on me :/ I just can’t do canvas shoes I guess.
Result #5😣

#6. oh yeah

I know I know… I think I might be asking too much for a simple white sneaker, but really?! WHY IS THIS SO HARD. I just want something very very simple and elegant and not so many people wear it. There is actually one sneaker that’s always been in my mind: Common Projects.

Achilles Low Top Sneaker $415
Look how simple and elegant this is! But the price… I closed the Barney’s page then went on to Club Monaco because my friend told me there was sale. With the attitude of “oh well, what can hurt now”, I clicked on their shoes page, and there it was! My perfect sneaker! OMG TEARS I FINALLY FOUND IT, thank you Club Monaco!
Veja Esplar Sneaker

I can’t lie, it’s similar to Common Projects, but the price is like 1/4 of it and the quality is super good for the price. It’s clean cut and looks good with everything, I am satisfied.


Result #6 💖😊

Hope you all can find your perfect white sneaker too~

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