Winter Pleats DOUBLE

Winter is the season for layering, as you can see, pleated elements can be layered too, doubled layers, double the feminine out of you. They say that you are not supposed to wear more than three colors in one outfit, thus I chose navy, black and white these three safest colors to go together. 
I got this special navy coat with pleats in a boutique shop in South Korea, those two lovely and talented shop owners had made the coat by hand themselves. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it once I saw the coat,  so I bought it even though it was a bit pricy. Oh… shopaholics…

J.Crew Sweater (similar here); Urban Outfitter Skirt; Loeil Amor Needle Bag

The mock neck sweater I got from J.Crew was one of the best items I have gotten, under the recommendation of Manrepller. They are so warm for the winter and most importantly, they go with everything. I got the pleated skirt from Urban Outfitter when it was on sale, so be sure to check out their big sales whenever the summer starts, you will definitely find something you wanted with half the price! 

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