Gone with the Wind

I re uploaded these black and white photos that I really liked from past photoshoots, brought back a lot of memories… When I started blogging last year, it was simply for my passion toward styling and a good excuse for more shopping. During the process, there were a lot of excitement and disappointment at the same time, but one thing for sure was that it changed my view towards fashion.

I started trying out a lot of new styles that I never tried before, and that also made me realized one magic thing about fashion: one day you can be an elegant lady with a blouse and cube skirt; one day you can be a teenager with just a hoodie and jeans; or another day you can be a party girl with a dress and heel… Fashion allows you to be anyone you want to be, and to express yourself in various ways in the most obvious and simple method. It’s also why I LOVE FASHION. I feel lucky enough that I am able to share my various styles with you guys on this platform that didn’t exist before, I do thank technology for this.

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