Style Inspiraton: How to Wear Ankle Boots

It’s almost the end of January, and the temperature haven’t gone any up but even colder than before in Boston. Even so, I still want to dress stylish but keep myself warm at the same time, and there are definitely some kind of ways to achieve that! I will share some of the ideas here that’s I found worth copying in the winter.

Bomber/ Puffer Jacket + Cropped Jeans + Ankle Boots

Picture made on Villoid
I saw this outfit while I was shopping for puffer jacket on Topshop (don’t click the link if you don’t want yourself get stuck on Topshop with their amazing new arrivals) and I immediately saved the picture. It’s so chic and is perfect for the winter. You can always layer your cropped jeans with tights or socks inside to keep yourself warm, and to pair cropped jeans with ankle boots is like pair friend chicken with beer, it’s the perfect combination! Some other examples below:

For better demonstration, I’ve tried this idea my own before, and it does work pretty well!
👻 Have fun with it and tell me how it goes 👻


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